How to choose a carpet by color and shape?

A carpet is a decoration for the room. It performs not only the role of decoration but also warms feet if the floor is cold. So it is important to choose the right carpet or rug. In the last article, we talked about choosing a carpet by size and material. Today we speak about choosing a carpet by color and shape.

Before I start, you should know that green paintings are the most popular decor item, nowadays. Many designers offer us to use paintings to highlight the interior. They may be in various styles and colors. You should choose only those paintings which were liked by you from first sight. Be sure, such paintings will look attractive to your guests! 

Useful advice for choosing a carpet by color and shape

There are some rules which help in buying a carpet for any room be color and shape:

  1. Color and pattern of the carpet

It is very important to choose the right rug which suits the room by the shades. There is a valuable rule: if the room is completed in calm light colors, the carpet should be bright, maybe with an abstract or geometric pattern. Don’t put a bright carpet to the bright room, especially if the room was made in complex design. Otherwise, you have a risk of creating an unpleasant atmosphere. The best decision is to buy a rug in light shades because it will combine with any style and color palette. For example, milk, beige, light grey, or pink. Sometimes designers use a method of combination of a carpet and curtains in the same pattern and color. But it will look great only with calm patterns. In small and not sunny rooms it is better to use light and warm shades. At the same time, the living rooms and bedrooms which allow sunlight will be good to use cold shades.

  1. The shape of the carpet

The shape may be various because designers come up with more and more ideas every day. A rectangular carpet is a real classic. Such rugs suit any design. But if you want to furnish a house in an abstract style or others you should pay attention to the unusual forms. For instance, triangular or star shapes will look amazing! They highlight the room. Round and oval carpets allow you to effectively decorate one of the zones in the room. 

Choosing a carpet is an important thing. The interior without the carpet looks very bad. Now you know some rules and you are ready to make a good choice. Be happy!

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